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Rexroth type casting applications

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Walking machinery:

Construction machinery, material handling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, commercial/road vehicles

Mechanical application and engineering, factory automation:

Sports agencies, automotive industry, mining industry, oil and gas drilling (surface), stage technology, chemical industry, printing and paper processing, energy technology, material handling, glass machinery manufacturing, rubber processing, semiconductor and electronics industry, woodworking industry, level Directional drilling rigs, engines, plastic machinery and pull mills, metallurgy, mining equipment, assembly and handling, dredgers, offshore engineering, processing and packaging, testing technology, recycling and garbage disposal, marine engineering, motion simulation technology, solar energy, machine tools (Cutting), hydraulic engineering, shield machine, metal forming machine tools and presses, transmission technology, fluid power research, shipyard equipment, cement industry, sugar industry, pulp and paper machinery.

Renewable Energy:

Wind energy

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